Borderlands cosplay: Lilith, one of the six sirens

If you are into games cosplays, you should try this one: it’s a challenging one. Is not that the clothes are difficult to find or make, is the whole design and aesthetics what can be a little tricky to replicate.

Lilith’s clothes and features are enhaced by black lines, as if we were talking about a comic… but with 3D shadings and volumes. This lines are actually added to a 3D model and the results are amazingly cool.

So, you have to gather all the items for you cosplay and then draw the lines, enhacing some particular traces on them. For example the seams on the red top and the yellow jacket. The folds and wrinkles on her pants (as well as the holes), and textures on her vest. Her hair is also lined and some of her face and body features, too.

The hair should be red with its ends whitening on. Style it with extra strong hairspray or gel (or maybe both). Yes, it will get stiff, but it’s the effect we are looking for. It will need several coats, you have to dry one before applying the other (you can use a hair blower for this). Once you finish, you can add the lines using just a permanent marker. If the wig is not stiff enough you will not be able to draw on it.

After applying makeup, you can add the lines with a black eyeliner. Line your lips, nose, eyes and eyebrows. Add some dots and scratches. Use pale blue bodypaint to create the tattoos. Don’t line them, but do enhace your neck, collarbones lines and bust décolleté. Add also some scratches on your arms and chest.

Lilith’s yellow eyes are also lined in black, so you will need the right type of contact lenses (not just yellow ones). These will look amazingly well on this cosplay:


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