Don’t break the witch’s curse! Howl Jenkins Pendragon cosplay is much more interesting with feathers

Big black bird with earrings… good choice! This is an excellent cosplay, indeed! We all love Miyazaki’s master pieces and this one is no exception, so get into the moving castle and check on these tips for the Howl Jenkins Pendragon bird monster cosplay.

– Buy a lot of black feathers. Real or fake you are going to need tons of them. It is better if you buy them in different sizes and lengths so you can use them in different parts of your costume.

– Stick some black feathers (pretty long ones) in between the hair of your wig. Howl’s hair is not clearly hair or feathers but a mix of both. It is better if you sew them instead of gluing them, so they keep the movement flexibility while securely hold.

– Add some smaller feathers on the sides of your face. You can use gluestick for this (remove later using water).

– Cover completely your black costume with feathers. Again: it is better if you sew them. For this part the shorter are the right ones.

– Get a pair of black gloves and attach pointy black nails to them.

– Don’t forget the green earrings and the pendant on the chain around your neck.

– If you’re are planning to amaze everybody out, then include the wings to your costume. You can make a frame using wood and wire and cover it with lots of feathers (this time you can glue them!). Before you do that, remember to add straps to hold the wings on your shoulders and around your waist and chest. You can stick feathers to this harness so it won’t be noticed when wearing the whole thing together. So, back to the feathers: use the biggest and longest ones in the bottom part of the wings and the shorter ones around main structure (bones and joints). Start from below and go on applying layered feathers until you get to the top. There are some articulated structure designs that you can follow if you want your wigs to actually move.

– Finish your costume with a blue eyed look, get these amazing wizard contact lenses:

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