Get in the flesh of one of the seven sins… What if it’s an homunculus, that could be even better…

Wave your long black hair, extend your gloves, reach humans with your long fingers… Ok, so you’ve got it! Let’s fit you in FMA Lust’s form-fitting black dress.

About the dress, then: it should have a low backside and no straps, better if you find a calf length one. Plunging V neckline if possible and two short slits on each side of the skirt.

About the gloves: they are really long and are attached to the dress on the back… like they were actually sleeves of an off-shoulder neckline dress type. The palms of the gloves are skin colored, you can use a transparent fabric here or flesh-colored spandex. On the sides they have red lines running up the length to end with circles. You can paint these (tip: paint them in white first, this way you won’t need to apply so many coats of red paint), use heat transfer red vinyl or just glue red pleather.

About the boots: high heel black boots that are long enough to cover up to your knees.

The hair: long black wavy hair reaching her lower back, with short bangs parting at the center of her face, while curving to the right and partially hiding her left eye. If you don’t have this kind of hair, just get a wig.

The Ouroboros: this is the red tattoo representing a winged snake eating its own tail, with a pentagram inside the circle. This symbol is located on Lust’s sternum. You can paint it with a thin brush, using red body paint, or you could also use inkjet tattoo paper (just print the design and transfer it to your skin).

The long sharp pointy fingers: well, we’ve reached the hard part. You can make them from durable poster board and glaze (they won’t last that long though), or tin foil (the one that’s a little thicker and therefore, harder). Be careful when you handle the foil, for you could get cut by its edges. Whatever material you use, it is better if you fold it along the length (yes, this is not that easy to achieve, mark it before you fold it) so it acquires mechanical resistance.

The eyes: you will not be Lust until you have that special look in your eyes. Get a pair of red contacts:

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