Master the water Magic, cosplay this Celestial Spirit from Fairy Tail: Aquarius

Oh yes, in the end this is a mermaid costume. But an amazing mermaid without any doubt. You have a choice to make first: to include the mermaid tail or not. If you don’t, then you will have to go around in bikini, make sure the temperature is warm enough for you to stand it. Follow only the tips for the upper part of the costume, that it’s the same in both cases. Of course,  if you do include the tail, then pay attention to the whole list.

– Make sure you get a wig on the right color. It has to be very long, ideally up to your waist.

– The jewelry and accesories should be golden, not yellow. Oh sure, it is much easier to make them yellow but that’s not the how the original character looks like, so make a little bit of effort and try to find golden pieces… or just paint them gold with a spray paint. Let’s review all the items you should include so you don’t miss anything: the headband (that also has a silver front piece and a pendant, look at some images to make it identical), a golden armlet and a darker bracelet on each arm (not present in the not-tail version), a golden ring joining the two parts of the bikini bra, a braided belt in the same color as the bracelets with a regular golden buckle, three hoop piercings on her tail. Also light blue crystal earrings and a dark blue wide choker on her neck.

– The bikini is dark blue rimmed in a white design. A golden hoop joins its two parts. Straps are thin and white too.

– Draw the dark blue right under your collarbone. Use body paint and a thin brush for a neat, precise tracing.

– Don’t forget your water urn. Look at some images to shape it and carry it everywhere you go.

– Tailor the mermaid tail in a stretch fabric so it’s more comfortable and tough at the same time. The best idea is to sew it as a tight skirt so you can still walk with some comfort. You could also make it just as a tail, of course, but it will be very difficult for you to walk with it and you will also be forced to stay seated or laying on one side. Add a ruffle around the waist and hold everything in place with the golden belt.

– Don’t forget the particular dark blue color on the eyes. There’s two contact options for you to try:


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