Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

On Halloween one thing we normally do is to dress up like ghosts, zombies, vampires… well, basically dead people. Some of those costumes are scary, some other disgusting and some even funny. Beetlejuice is a character that joins all three: nothing better to try it this year!

So, to get into Beetlejuice shoes we need to have the following:

– A striped black and white suit.

– A white dirty shirt (you can add the dirt later)

– A black tie

– Black military boots

– If you’re not naturally bald, then a bald cap

– A white greenish messy wig

– White foundation for your face and neck

– Purple eyeshadow for the areas around your eyes

– Fake green moss

– Green face paint to enhace the dirty look

– Gray paint and a very thin liner to add the stubble, if you don’t already have one (the appearing moustache is a little longer, here is where to use the liner)

– Tooth and nail paint, go for yellow/brownish colors

– A ring with a red stone, it goes on your left hand, index finger

– Several old and crappy wrist watches (they all go on the left wrist)

– Dead black out contact lenses (available here:

Once you have your costume, your makeup ready and your contacts on, essay some drunk like movements. Speak in a hoarse voice and act vulgar and repulsive. Smile in a crazy way, open your eyes too much (gesticulate excessively in general). Beetlejuice is a trickster and mischievous ghost, prepare some tricks and pranks just in case you don’t get your treats.


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