Don’t call the priest! It’s Halloween!

Why not trying this classical classic of all times? Why not becoming Regan from The Exorcist? Oh yes! Picture the horror expressions of the people looking at you! Total success for the scary night.

For the hair you need only to mess up yours (if you have it long) or get a wig and do just the same thing. Apply tons of hairspray to keep the disaster in place.

The skin shade is a mix of gray and brown colors, on a very pale foundation base. You don’t have to get an even color, just darkened areas on your face. Use the darker shades around your eyes, always mixing brown with gray colors. Cover you lips with the foundation and then, scrunching your lips together, apply the shadows in the center. This will make them look dead and cracked.

For the wounds you have a couple of choices. The easy choice is to buy transfer wounds. They are applied the same way as fake tattoos, using a wet cloth on them. You can also buy tattoo paper for inkjet printers and do it yourself. The minor cuts can be achieve by painting uneven lines with dark red paint and adding blackpaint on the ends. Remember to add at least a cut on your lips. Apply some fake blood to enhace the gore effect. The not-that-easy choice is to build the wounds with latex. You will need to make the two sides of the wound, leaving a space in between. So, trace them first so you have a line to follow and then apply liquid latex with a disposable sponge on one side. Stick little pice of unrolled cotton to the latex. Don’t exagerate, rip just a little of it off. Apply more latex on it, be generous here, you will need more latex than you think. Blend the outer edges in so they integrate completely to your face. Now, do the same with the other side of the wound. Let the latex dry. Once you have them all ready, apply the same foundation you’ve used on your face and then add the shadows. Paint in dark red color the inside part of the wounds and add brown and black colors to make them look deeper. Add fake blood later.

The teeth can be painted with FX tooth paint to make them look rotten and cracked.

The eyes can be easily fix by getting these contacts:


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