God of War, God of Calamity, God of Depravity, God of Fortune… choose how o be remembered on this cosplay

Yato (from Noragami series) is a god who attempts to build his own shrine. Currently, he considers himself a God of Fortune, although in the past he has been labeled as being a God of War, a God of Calamity and the God of Depravity. He appears to be a handsome young man who looks to be in his early twenties. Let’s see what we need to fit in this cosplay.

– He is often seen wearing a navy tracksuit that has a small golden crown on the right side (the jacket has also a golden zipper). This is not that difficult to find. Make sure you find a tracksuit with only one white band on the sides. But if you don’t, then sew a long strap of white fabric on both sides of the suit, on sleeves and legs too.

– He also wears a faded blue scarf (named ‘fluffy fluff scarf’ by Yato himself) with tears along it around his neck. Easy to make. You can even buy it online along with the tracksuit.

– On his feet, he wears a pair of brown leather-like boots.

– He fights with a silver katana (one of his Shinki), the handle of which is loosely wrapped in bandages. This weapon is actually another character called Yukine (you could cosplay him any time) that transforms himself into the sword when the name Sekki is called. Anyway, you can just get any katana and wrap bandages around the handle. Let one end hanging loose, take a look at some images to achieve the rigth lenght.

– He has sharp blue eyes and dark hair that seems to have natural purple highlights. Yato’s blue eyes change in appearance depending on the emotions he feels: when he is serious or angry they are slitted and reniggerminiscent of a cat’s eyes.

So, if you wanto to cosplay a regular state Yato you can get these contact lenses: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/zombie-vampire-crazy-contact-lenses/products/zombie-saw-blue-contact-lenses

If you prefer the angry version, then you should get these: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/wild-eye-crazy-contacts/products/deep-blue-crazy-contact-lenses



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