Halloween is almost here and the dead rise from their tombs… Rise from your sarcophagus and scare even other dead people off

Mummies costumes are usually kind of easy to make. You just need to wrap you around in bandages and that’s it. But if you just do that, you will look like a person who is wrapped around in bandages, not really a mummy. Here’s when the makeup enters the scene… Make sure you accompany your costume with a good makeup for it’s the only way to achieve good (and scary) results.

So, don’t bandage yourself in a very neat way: Mummies are old and rotten, so the bandages should appear loose in some places and hanging in others. Don’t cut them with sissors for it will look artificial, rip them apart to get a jagged edge. Every little piece of skin visible through your bandages should have a dark deadskin color… not white, but gray or brownish shade. Apply also some makeup on the bandages themselves, they don’t have to look brand new!

If you leave your hands uncovered, make sure you makeup your nails too, making them look cracked and rotten.

But your face is the most important part, of course. It has to appear old and rotten. Fortunately, this is not that difficult to achieve:

– First, cover your eyebrows with petroleum jelly, so you don’t tear them out when taking your makeup off.

– Get some toilet paper and rip some pieces off. Again, we will need a jagged edge.

– Apply liquid latex (use a disposable sponge) on your face and stick the pieces of tissue paper on it. Apply some more latex over them. Cover your whole face this way and let it dry. Be very careful not to let liquid latex go in your eyes or mouth.

– Now use different dark color shades, brown or grey, going along with the color you’ve chosen for ther rest of your rotten skin. Apply dark eyeshadow around your eyes and a blue, green or purple color on your lips.

When you’re finished, wrap your head around in bandages, leaving most you your face visible so the makeup get’s enhaced. Apply shadow on the bandages as well, as you’ve done with the rest.

Get a pair of white mesh contact lenses for your dead eyes. These are perfect for this costume: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/zombie-vampire-crazy-contact-lenses/products/white-mesh-crazy-lenses

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