Halloween makeup ideas: colors can be creepy too

If you always thought that the only way to achieve a horrifying makeup was using white, black and red colors. If you always thought that fake blood, ripped skin and skulls were mandatory for a Halloween makeup. If you are that kind of person, well… these ideas will prove you wrong. Learn how to achieve a creepy makeup combining lots of different colors.

– Creepy mouth color makeup

Draw a big mouth full of pointy teeth going from cheek to cheek. Paint in black the inner part, so you real mouth gets conceil behind the makeup. Add false eyelashes and color details to your face, neck and shoulders. Shade your eyes conceiling your eyebrows for a creepier effect. Combine with a colorful headdress.

– Mermaid like color makeup

Apply different colors blending the edges into each other, on your neck and forehead. Using silver paint, trace the scales on the color bands. Remember to draw them overlapped. Shade your eyes, cheekbones and nose and apply silver liner to you lids and eyebrows. Use a not-natural color on your lips and add silver details. Wear a colorful wig (or dye your own hair) and a headdress.

– Clownish color makeup

Wear a bright green wig (or any other intense color that you like) and clothes in many complementary colors (it can also be body paint). Paint your lips in black and extend the lines from both corners to each cheek. Draw teeth with black liner and fill in with white face paint. Draw new and scary black eyebrows and apply shadow in many different colors to your eyes. Line your eyes with bold black lines and wear false eyelashes to accent the look. Add some black liner details as if your face was a drawing too.

– Splatter Avant Garde color makeup

Use diluted face paint and start taping with a brush around your eyes and on your neck. Let it drop down. Use a splatter brush to add black paint stains all over the colors. You have to be very precise, don’t splatter it all around your face. Finish with some heavy drops of black running down your neck and eyes, like tears. Line your eyes and put on false long eyelashes. Use black lipstick on your mouth.

All these makeups can be done in neon colors so you will be visible (and creepier) in dark places. You can also create your own designs, combining with colorful wigs, crazy eyelashes and strange color shapes. But whatever design you choose, you need the right contact lenses to make you stand out from the rest. A good idea is to wear colorless contacts so the contrast will be much more intense. And if we add a slip pupil, well… you’ll provoke nightmares for sure. Get these amazing contacts: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/wild-eye-crazy-contacts/products/white-cat-crazy-contact-lenses and complete your Halloween makeup.

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