My name is Aeon. Shall we begin the first trial?

This is a video game cosplay but… it’s on the edge of being an anime cosplay, too. Shall we begin? Making the costume will be for sure a big trial.

Both clothing and accesories are sort of a challenge, if you’re going to try doing it all by yourself, then you should be a cosplayer level expert!

Let’s see a couple of particular things to consider when preparing this cosplay:

– Make sure you choose the right materials for each thing. Don’t try to solve things quickly for you will be sorry later. You have to plan your cosplay, considering that you will be wearing it for a long time. Of course, if you’re already a master cosplayer you know this, but is not a bad reminder. You have to include, for example, a comfortble way of holding the big clock, which shouldn’t be too heavy, for your arm will fall apart after a couple of hours if you don’t. The handles must be very well integrated and securely fixed to the clock, they should be able to hold it firmly without coming off.

– On a similar matter, you should reinforce the bottom tip of the clock/sword. You will be holding it standing on the floor and this tip is going to support all the weight. If it’s just foam it will start to crush itself, the painting will go off and (deppending on how it’s done) it may start to crack and loose little pieces. So: reinforce the tip. A good way is to make the back using a thin MDF plate and a little piece of metal (you can use aluminum sheet from a soda can) covering the tip.

– Choose the right materials for your costume, too. Make sure you can move comfortable in it and get everything firmly attached. Sew things, don’t just glue them.

– Don’t just buy a wig: style it. If your wig doesn’t have the same hairstyle as your character’s hair, then you’re missing the point.

– Don’t overlook any details. For example: the eyeglasses with only one lens (you can hold just the frame) that you need to wear straight, the striped sleeves visible under the jacket sleeves, the metal details on the shoes, all the smaller chains hanging from the jacket and the belt (the belt itself!), the key ring, the pocket watch, and the right eye color.

This last thing is pretty easy, just get the contacts from here:

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