Pop Art zombies: scary but full of color

In the face and body painting world are lots of different ideas and styles to follow for your Halloween costume. From hiper reallistic to cartoonish, from a couple of details to complex designs that take several hours of work. In this ocation we are going to focus on Pop Art makeups for Halloween and zombies are our protagonists.

Use contrasting and saturated solid colors. Neon colors work the best for this kind of makeup. If you are going to be in a place with black light, you can use UV glow body paint for an amazing effect. Paint all your visible skin in the new skin color chosen for this makeup.

There are plenty of different designs, look at the pictures and choose the items you like better: hanging eyeballs, cracks and missing pieces, horrible teeth, veins, bones and skulls, brains, stitches, blood, muscles, etc. Line in black everything you draw, to reinforce the pop art style. You can also add dots, which was the way of creating gradients on the old comic printing sistem, and was later taken by pop art as a styling icon.

Apply hard shadows and sharp highlights, and try to avoid your own skin shade and reallistic elements. Redraw your mouth and eyebrows and paint them in unnatural colors. If you are go         ing to add blood, make it ridiculously bright red or even pink and line it around so it looks more like a drawing than real blood dropping off. Enhace also your body feature by adding black lines on chin, cheekbones, frown, brows and eyes. Di the same on your chest, hands and arms (if visible).

Wear a white or artificial color wig and choose clothing on neon contrasting colors too.

Choose crazy contact lenses to go along this makeup. White meshs are a wonderful choice: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/halloween-crazy-contacts/products/white-mesh-crazy-lenses

If you are going for the UV glow makeup, you can also wear these: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/halloween-crazy-contacts/products/uv-green-contact-lenses

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