Try Katy Perry’s E.T. Makeup for Halloween

You may not sing that good. Or maybe you do, but you’re still missing the success and fame that comes along with it. Anyway one thing you can do is to look like her… when she’s looking like an alien from out of space.

This makeup needs a little bit of talent and a conscientious neatness, if you make it sloppy it looks really awful. So, let’s see first the list of things you’re going to need for this:

– gluestick

– white big eye pencil (creamy)

– black liquid liner

– electric blue eye pencil

– white eyeshadow

– white with sparkles eyeshadow

– cool blue matte eyeshadow

– hot pink matte eyeshadow

– dark navyblue eyeshadow

– blue water-based face and body painting

– cyan blue matte lipstick

– false eyelashes

– crazy contact lenses

Now you’ve gather it all, start covering your eyebrows with gluestick. If you use a little fully loaded spatula you won’t need to apply so many layers. While you wait for them to dry, start covering your face with the white pencil, as if it were foundation. Blend it out using a sponge or just your fingers. When your eyebrows are dry, go over them with your white pencil as well. Secure with white eyeshadow.

Line the blue wavy shape on your forehead, and fill it in with the blue eyeshadow. Now go on with the pink areas next to the blue part. Look at some images as reference. Blend the edges out. Continue with the pink and blue areas underneath the brows and eye corners.

Apply the shimmery shadow on your upper lids and use the liquid liner to line them in black. Now, take your false eyelashes and paint the tips in hot pink color. Once ready, place them on the outer eye. Trace the lines under the eyes with blue facepaint on a thin brush.

But wait: how to draw the pink shapes Katy Perry has on her forehead? Easy: using a stencil. O course, you’ll have to make it before. You can cut it out on paper (better if you make it in different parts). So now is the time to place it on your forehead ando over your browa and use the pink eyeshadow trough it and… voilà!

Now, go on with the areas around the face, cheekbones and chin, the same way you did in your forehead first. Blend out the pink edges. Don’t forget the pointy pink shape on your chin!

Line your lips using the electric blue liner and fill it in with the blue lipstick. Use the dark blue eyeshadow over the lipstick to get a darker shade (just a little bit, don’t exagerate here).

Put your contacts on. You can find the perfect ones here:

You are ready! Don’t need to sing anything, you’re just stunning the way you are.

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