Open your third eye and look at the future… there’s a Halloween night ahead

Do you really want to know what the future reserves for you? Do you really want to open your third eye? Wonderful! Don’t miss this Fortune Teller costume ideas.

So, we are going to need some stuff to have this costume full and ready:

– A fortune telling object (or objects). You cannot see the future out of nothing, you need something to show you the days to come. This could be a cristal ball, a tarot cards set, or just people’s hands.

– Long, long hair. Yes, fortune tellers have long hair.

– A head scarf. You can add coins hanging from it, or just buy one of those used for belly dancing, that already come with coins or frills. Add any other ornamentation you like. Like feathers, pearls or gems or any kind of pendants.

– Wear lots of jewelry. Rings in all of your fingers, bracelets, necklaces with pendants. If the pendants represent magic symbols, much more better.

– Long nails in black, purple or any other misterious designs. You can add symbols on them too.

– Gypsy like clothing, like a big skirt and a blouse with ruffles. Arabic garments and belly dance accesories are good as well. Hip chains with coins or beads, anklets, slippers, are excellent choices for this costume.

– A bold makeup. Heavy lips, deep heavy eyes with details (tears, cracks, veins, stars, etc), false eyelashes of course. Symbols tattooed. Gems and glitter. The third eye on your forehead. Apply false eyelashes on that fake eye too, to make it look more real. Or, if you want, you can make a more iconic design, like an egyptian eye or similar.

– Irides looking to the fortune, like possesed eyes. Most of the people choose white irides ( or but mesh contacts are also very good for this costume ( You can also combine two different types of contacs, for example one totally white and the other swirling to the future (…

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