Avoid Traffic With These Four Scooters

Today’s traffic jams are a headache for all residents stuck in them in any big city, lets not even mention the headache when one is running late or in a hurry. Take a second to consider the plan below and help free you from the daily grind.

1.The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard named Onewheel, which helps you get out of traffic and into the office quickly.

2. Unicycle Scooter. Excellent balance system, portable and dynamic control make it nice choice.

3. IO HAWK Intelligent Mobility Device makes crowded streets clear and traffic jams disappear. It can be considered the love child of a Segway and a skateboard. One needs good balance to control this scooters movement.

4. Zero Scooter with a retro look can travel up to 21 miles on one charge at speeds of up to 12 mph. It is great vehicle for your daily use.

Right now, please do not ignore those above when you are stuck in a jam, for they will take you to destination quickly.

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