For that Xtreme Summer

Xtreme Water Sports

Last week we took a look at 5 gadgets that would improve the quality of your summer, that would help you relax and enjoy your time to the fullest. This week we are taking a look some Xtreme water sports that you can take part for those of you looking for more of an adrenaline fix. Forget Relaxing! Get out there and have fun!

The Mirage Eclipse by Hobiecat is a standup pedal board. It is incredibly stable, just get on and start using the MirageDrive® leg power to propel yourself forward.  There’s minimal setup. Go from the car, the dock or your boat to the water in minutes. Cruise solo, with your partner or with a group. The Mirage Eclipse takes fitness out of the gym and onto the water and under the sun.


Onean presents an electric jet board to enjoy high speeds over water, with the latest tests reaching up to 25 mph (40kmh). From cruising over the water surface for you more adventurous types to the most extreme performances for adrenaline fans. Lightweight and fast. Its powerful electric jet is environmentally friendly and really intuitive to use.

The Jetovator

The Jetovator is a water sports accessory that increases the features of an existing personal watercraft (PWC). The Jetovator does not come with its own power source and and requires a minimum of 130 hp personal water craft to operate. It can reach speeds of 25mph and riders can cruise in comfort for long distances should they choose to. The height is limited to 40 feet and it can also dive under water for short time periods. Skilled riders can also perform freestyle tricks.

GIbbs Sports Amphibians

This video says it all. From 4wheeler to jetski to snowmobile the GIbbs product is one of a kind. Use it through all seasons and have one of the greatest outdoor adventures of your life.


The Seabreacher is a personal favorite for several reasons. It looks like a fish, acts like a fish, but its controlled by you and is almost like your own personal dolphin experience. Unlike a conventional watercraft that only operate on a two dimensional plane, the Seabreacher operates more like an aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw. This allows the vessel to carve left and right, jump over, dive under, and cut though the waves. Just awesome.

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