The Latest and Greatest Backpack List

Many have the opinion that backpacks are just to carry things in and perhaps sometimes a fashion statement. Basically speaking, those features of a bag are definitely to the point. But much more can be done.

The coolest design and smartest gadgets can now be added to make a bag standout.

1. Hismart. Eyes open here. A smart features implanted convertible bag. Strap it to back or sling it on shoulder. Hismart is a way to extends the smart phone, which means power and function at fingertips. Hands free calling, buddy system, music control, audio recording, shutter release and etc.

2. AMPL. Wait a second. This bag is treated as the world’s smartest backpack. Take a look before making your judgment. It can power and protect your gadgets on-the-go. Surprisingly, there are many things that can be achieved without opening zipper.

3. Backwards backpack–the revolutionary RiutBag. It is the backwards backpack for secure and safe city travel. What’s more. Good for body health.

4. Venque. Urban smart bags look amazing. But Venque tells the future of Duffle and backpack. This item can be converted into one backpack for travel, office and gym. Check it out here.

5. PRVKE Pack. Good news for adventurers. All travelers and adventurers need is a pack that can keep up with the adventurous lifestyle. Prvke Pack is a bag that can flow from photography shoots to commutes, from the airport to interstellar travel. It will be good looking and standing up to the inevitable beating.

6. The TYLT ENERGI+ BACKPACK is a next-gen briefcase, backpack and mobile charging station. TYLT designed the charging system so you can route the cables to any one of the 5 External Pockets or 2 internal Pockets.

7. iBackPack. 4 USB Ports, GPS System, WIFI Connectivity, Proximity Alerts, iOS/Android App, Massive batteries. iBackpack will tell you a backpack can do much more.

There is much more worldwide trending technology/internet news to explore. Just take a shot here:

iOS Version:

Android Version:

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