The Future of Tansportation: C-1

How would the C-1 work with my commute? How would it save me time?

The C-1 is the ultimate urban driving solution. Since the C-1 is classified as a motorcycle, it allows you to lane split, ride two abreast in one lane, use the HOV lane, use motorcycle parking, and the many other advantages motorcycles have. We estimate it will cut most commute times by up to 50%. If you live in the city, this could be your primary vehicle: easy to park and slip through traffic, with services like Zipcar, Getaround, or traditional car rentals available when you need a larger vehicle or an extended road trip. If you live outside the city, this could be your primary commuting vehicle, with a larger “family car” at home. This allows the commuter(s) in the family to travel in, around, and out of the city easily and efficiently, saving money and time every day.

What are the basic specs of the C-1?

The C-1 will have a top speed of 100+ mph (160+ kph), 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in

What kind of drivetrain are you using? Is the C-1 electric? Does it use solar panels at all?

Yep! The C-1 is fully-electric, using high torque, direct drive, in-hub motors. This allows for a smaller, simpler body and quick, efficient driving. Since the C-1 is so small, solar panels would not generate much electricity. However, we’re looking into that option, if it can be made cost-effective.

What can you tell me about the battery?

Batteries are not our core technology; we’re using the best available technology, and designing to be able to easily integrate new technology as it becomes available. We’re currently using lithium iron phosphate batteries. Because of the C-1’s small size, we only need an 8 kWh battery pack, which is supplemented with our patented KERS regen braking system, giving another virtual kWh. Charge times will be 4-6 hours, depending on charging voltage. It will also be able to use higher voltage quick charge stations, giving an 80% charge in less than a half hour. As with all EVs, the battery pack will eventually need to be replaced. However, since it is 1/4 – 1/10 the size of a typical EV battery pack, the replacement cost will be much, much more affordable.

What are the safety features of the C-1?

Safety is one of our top priorities with this vehicle. It will have a steel unibody chassis with reinforced doors, seat belts, and multiple airbags. However, the most important safety feature is our gyro stability system. This will keep the C-1 upright even in a collision, preventing the vehicle from flipping or rolling. All critical systems are double- or triple-redundant, with mechanical backups to allow the driver to steer and stop the car even in a catastrophic failure of all systems. This includes the same “landing gear” that keeps it upright when parked.

What will shipping costs be? Will you deliver outside of California/US?

We will have a dealership and service network across North America and the world – details will be released as we near production.

Is the C-1 road legal? What kind of license do I need to drive it?

Yes, the C-1 is 100% street legal. At first, a motorcycle license will be required – but you can take that test in the C-1. We are working to have the C-1 recognized as a separate class of vehicle.

Is there/what is the warranty? Where will I be able to go to service my C-1?

We will have a dealership and service network across North America and the world. Details concerning that network and our warranty will be released as we near production – but rest assured, we will stand firmly behind our vehicle.

How much cargo does the C-1 fit? Can it carry a passenger?

In addition to the driver: it has enough space for an adult passenger and a small bag, or about the same amount of cargo you can carry on a plane (roller bag, briefcase, a few bags of groceries).

Will I fit in the C-1?

We designed the C-1 to accommodate drivers from 5’ to 6’3”—however, we’ve had people up to 6’5” fit comfortably in our prototypes. It was not designed for a specific weight limit; the motors are quite powerful, so weight should not be an issue.

What options/features will be available for the C-1?

Exact details will be released as we near production, but it will have climate control (heat+A/C), fully operable windows, a moonroof/convertible option, direct drive in-hub motors, center-hub steering, full cloud/smartphone integration, premiere sound system, and many more!

Will the C-1 be able to handle inclement weather? Off-road?

Because it is all-wheel drive and has our gyro stability system, it will handle as well as, if not better than, any other all-wheel drive car in inclement weather. And we have an off-road version in the works!

When will the C-1 be available in my country?

Exact details of our international distribution plan will be released as we near production. However, we are currently accepting pre-orders, which will be available to import to your country. Currently about 1/3 of our pre-orders are from outside the US.

How much will the C-1 cost?

It will cost approximately $24,000 USD, without tax incentives. With current tax incentives, this could be as low as $19,000 for California drivers. Check with your local tax/licensing agency to determine tax incentives in your area.

A vehicle with efficiency and safety NEVER fall over due to its self-balancing. This is the future of transportation.

Posted by GI Gadgets on Monday, March 28, 2016

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