These Cool Smart Rides Can Turn a Geek Into a Sexy Girl

If you have the opinion that only men are crazy about tech gadgets or vehicles, you may ne3ed to rethink it. The ladies can be just as much into some gadgets as the guys are.

There are women with smart gadgets all over the world. Therefore, everybody get up! Especially you guys on the couch – we see you..

Wild and hot girl with XTERRAIN 500– It is a snow- and sand-slogging fatbike that could sometimes benefit from an electric boost. Besides, it can be equipped with a 10-inch-wide front tire – when wanted.

Ruff Cycles. The sexiest baby does the sexiest thing.

Hoverboard designed by Xiaomi. This gadget named Ninebot mini is a portable Segway for the masses.

Onewheel-the Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard. A variety of sensors and stabilizers packed inside. One will  never have to fiddle with chains or gears again.

This beauty looks like way too much fun. A stylish two-wheeler that brings the best of surfing, skating and skiing concept gears. Every sweetie can easily fix in their feet into the wheels and drive it whilst standing upright.

Just enjoy the perfect match.

Dose that girl feel better when riding a Moto Pogo? She can move forward by leaning her body forward, and slow it down by leaning back. With a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), three to five hours charging is good for about 30 km (19 miles) of use. Have fun girl.

Tech breeds the amazing gadgets and sexy never disappear at the same time.

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