Layback On A Laybag

Laybag and Relax!

Laybag is ultra lightweight. Easyily inflatable. Extremely comfortable and just awesome. Relax in the park, on the beach.. anywhere, anytime.

The ultra-lightweight, easily inflated, super comfortable lifestyle innovation to perfectly relax anywhere. The inflatable sofa that fills with air within seconds. It’s super comfortable and can be described as an easily portable inflatable couch. It is extremely user friendly allowing the bag to be filled with air in just seconds. No external pump needed!

The Laybag can be used anytime and anywhere and for several purposes. Just let air into the LayBag by opening the two openings one after the other and waving it in large movements through the air. Then roll the end up, fold it together and connect the clasps! Easy as that. Then sit down, or laydown relax and enjoy!

Deflating it is as simple as the inflation process. After unclipping the opening, most of the air will be released immediately so that you can start rolling your LayBag up from the end. Then, fold it in half and put it in the provided LayBagBag. Done. 🙂 It can be inflated and deflated within seconds and stored in a small carrying-bag giving you the opportunity to carry it anywhere you want, giving you even more time to chill.

For more information on where to purchase it CLICK HERE.


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