5 Pet Gadgets for Busy Pet Owners

Our lives are becoming more and more dependent on smart gadgets, for things like home cooling and heating, security systems, health monitors etc. It only makes sense that smart gadgets would also hit the market to make sure that our pets are receiving the “smartest” care possible. After all, we don’t call them our best friends for nothing – why wouldn’t we want them to benefit from technology? Pet accessories are a billion dollar industry, after all, with almost no limits to the different types of fancy frills that you can buy your pet. In many cases ones pet is the king of their castle and innovative creative people are designing new gadgets to make sure it stays that way.

To help you navigate through all the gadgets that are constantly hitting the market we have collected 5 that we find the most useful for pet owners who are on the run.


Interactive Pet Camera

Petcube, great for both cats and dogs, is the award-winning interactive pet camera that lets you see, talk to and play with your pets remotely from your smartphone. The guilt of leaving your pets behind disappears while your best friends can stay stimulated throughout the day. All you need is a broadband internet connection (2 Mbps upload recommended), WiFi, a power outlet and a smart phone (iOS 7.0 or greater, Android 4.0 or greater). “I love being able to check on my puppy when I’m not home and playing laser with her. I would recommend this product to any pet lover. They also have the best customer service I have ever seen. Really a great product and great people behind it.” Says happy customer Kat n Mill. If you are leaving your pets at home more often then you like this may be just the gadget for you.
Buy from Amazon US –> http://amzn.to/1VRT9WA

PetNet Smart Feeder

Feed your Pet remotely

Your daily schedule may be all over the place and out of your control but that doesn’t mean your pets schedule can’t be perfectly managed and consistent. PetNet Smart Feeder allows you to feed your feline or canine friends even when you are on the run. Now you can manage feeding times, portion sizes, food supply, and have your pets food conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Imagine never having to rush home from a meeting again, feeling guilty, because you are two hours late for Fido’s dinner time. All you need is an iPhone (not yet available on Android), their App, the PetNet Feeder and a Wifi connection. Reviews for the product remain overall positively consistent with 4/5 stars and one customer claiming. “I absolutely love this thing! I no longer have to push my cat off my face at 6:00 am anymore!” Sounds like a pretty great gadget doesn’t it?
Buy from ->http://amzn.to/23BYxj6

Pod Pet Tracker

Pod Pet tracker

You might be the best pet parent in the world but that won’t necessarily stop your pet from getting lost or running away. The Pod is the lightest and smallest pet tracker in the world that easily attaches to a collar of any size. Know where your pet is at any time and receive notifications if your pet has left your nominated safe zone. If you are truly a die – hard pet owner you can also track, save, and share their activity, which the Pod also allows you to do. There are several trackers on the market currently, regardless the most important feature is keeping your pet safe and according to reviews this tracker does exactly that.
Buy From Amazon -> http://amzn.to/1XtDuvB


Call Your Pet

Have you ever wanted to call your pet while traveling – but there is no one else on the other end to help answer your call on behalf of your pet? Now there doesn’t have to be. As seen on CNN and in the WSJ, with PetChatz you can call your pet anytime, the camera and screen are at your pets eye level – so no one else’s assistance is needed – and you can even give them a treat. PetChatz will even release your scent. This is the only multi-sensory interactive way to converse with your pets remotely on the market today. The creators have even gone so far to create a “PawCall” accessory that allows your pet to actually call you. A bit on the pricier side, this gadget doesn’t necessarily make one’s life easier (like with the PetNet) but it definitely can put travelinbg pet owners at ease.
Buy from Amazon -> http://amzn.to/1VRUnBc


Worlds first smart collar

This is THE smart gadget for your dog, it includes several of the gadgets we discuss above but now all in one. Because of this its quite large so it is generally recommended for our larger-sized furry friends. One feature we like the most about this smart collar is its camera feature. Be part of your dogs mischievousness at anytime and see everything from a a dogs-eye-view streamed onto your iPhone in real time. The Scout5000 allows you to never leave your pets side – literally, tracking their activity and weight listening to them and even being able to talk to them – through their collar!  You never have to feel as you are separated from he/she again. This gadget is on the pricier side as a monthly data plan is needed for the gadget to connect but its a small price to pay for your fur baby.
Buy from Amazon http://amzn.to/2wsfnH1

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