Halloween is Coming… Learn How to Add a Melted Skin Effect Your Skull Makeup

Halloween is comming… and how do you, little mortals, prepare yourselves for it? Let me tell you that you are going to need a little more than a white bed sheet to make a difference.

But we are going to start with something easy… Old skeletons that have been rotten for years and only have some melted rests of skin over their ugly skulls… Amazing, huh? You can look dead and still beautiful.

We are going to need the following:

– Unflavored gelatin

– Glycerin

– Water

– Microwave oven

– Make-up

– White Out DEAMON Coming Crazy Lenses

So, take a plastic recipient and mix there 1 part of gelatin, 1 part fo glycerin and 1,5 parts of water. Mix them thoroughly so all the ingredients get well blended. Now add some powder foundation of your skin tone to the mixture, and stir until you get an even color… there you go.

It’s time to cook your horrifing melted skin. Put the mixture in the microwave, for around 10/12 seconds. It has to look like a thick liquid glue, but it doesn’t have to boil! So if you haven’t reach the texture yet, put it in the microwave for 10 more seconds… and so on until you get the correct feeling (it will depend on how much you prepare).

Now, apply it to your face… Correct! On your face, darling. Be careful, for it is hot. Maybe you should wait a little until it cools a bit (but not too much, we don’t want it solid yet!). Try it on the back of your hand if you’re too scare.

You’ll see it gets cold and solid really quickly. Once it’s ready, you can apply some foundation to your real and fake skin to blend both colors together and add some little darker details blow the skin drops to get a more dramatic effect.

Apply a white color foundation to the bony part of your face. Draw a black hole around your eye and big hollow nowstrils on your nose. Enhace the cheekbones with black shades. Paint your lips in white and trace the teeth with a black liner (smooth the lines afterwards). Add darker shades here and there and… Wait! We are missing the most important part! Look at yourself in the mirror… Not that remarkable, right? Well, put your White Out DEAMON Coming Crazy Lenses on, and be amazed at the difference!

White out deamon Contacts

White Out DEAMON Coming Crazy Lenses are available here: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/halloween-crazy-contacts/products/zombie-whiteout-deamon-coming-crazy-lenses

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