Halloween masquerade: the most intriguing face you can wear is your own

This is a wonderfull makeup for Halloween. Full of blood, ripped out skin and even staples! Gore Halloween favourite of many, for sure. This is a Sandra Holmbom’s materpiece, and you can try it anytime, just make sure you have lots of fake blood…

So, first we are going to need our night masquerade ball gown. Sandra includes feathers but you can choose any black (or dark) dress you want. Just remember to include jewelry and an elegant hairstyle.

First, get a cheap mask and cut the edges so they look uneven and jagged cut. Paint it in flesh color. Try to match your own skin color. Paint fake eyebrows on it using a very thin brush to achieve a reallistic look. You an also buy fake eyebrows and stick them on the mask. Use red paint around the eyes and all over the edges. Darken with some maroon and black paint. Apply fake blood and let it drop down. Attach staples all arounf the outer edge. Add a black stick and some ornaments so it look like a fancy and elegant ball mask.

Now, draw the same mask shape on your face, don’t forget the areas around your eyes. Apply liquid latex all around the shape and stick tissue paper on it, following the shape you’ve traced (you don’t need very precise here). Add some more liquid latex and blend the outer edges into your skin. Lift the inner edges of the shape and let dry. Once ready cut the inner edges (very carefully) with sissors, following the shape of the mask drawn on your face. Use skin color foundation around it, to conceil the paper and integrate it completely to your face. Apply regular night makeup to your face, including eyes and lips.

Fill in the mask shape on your face with uneven applications of liquid latex and let dry. Paint in red, taking care of getting a good covering below the paper. Darken with black and maroon colors. Use also a sponge with darker color all over the mask shape. Apply red paint also on the edges with a sponge. You can go on a little bit on your forehead and cheeks. Get fake blood and cover the shape with it. Let it drop down. Apply also around your eyes.

Get a pair of bloody contact lenses and put them on (these are just perfect: https://www.icrazyangel.com/collections/halloween-crazy-contacts/products/red-bullet-contact-lenses). Get your mask and approach it to your face. You’re perfectly ready to attend to the ball.

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